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Here are some of the recipes shared by MyRecipeBook users.

Hot Artichoke & Crab Dip, by cpeirson
pizzette senza lievito, by melania
Olive and Tomatoe Crostini, by MissKay
Dried Strawberries, by Jamieledison

Lemon Loaf (Starbucks), by cpeirson
Blue Cheese Biscuits, by wjc
Buns, by Khtqkc
Copycat Aunt Annie's Soft Pretzels, by Jamieledison

French Toast With Caramelized Apples, by dianatangy
Breakfast Skillet with Diced Red Potatoe, by brishar02
Hearty Baked Oatmeal, by amyrose15
Christmas Doughnuts, by KimEric

Texas Sheet Cake, by CCVanB
Strawberry Angel Food Cake, by dlmiller00
Shortbread Cookies, by lastwonkabar

Marguerita, by eremez1
Tiramisu Shake, by befittoday
Chocolate brandy coffee, by CorinneC
Frozie Navel, by caneilson

Main Dishes
Navajo Tacos w/Fry Bread, by katciao
Stir fry chicken, by grandma
Artichoke Chicken with Spaghetti , by dlmiller00
Easy Crockpot Beef Tips, by Gerri

Asparagus & Tomato Salad, by chahn1
Édesburgonya saláta avokádóval, by leapan
Olive Garden Salad Dressing, by kira
Grilled Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad with Honey Lime Dressing, by cpeirson

Instant Gravy/Sauce, by imgabbie
Habanero Salsa, by 1458645906
Perfect Alfredo Sauce, by benandtina
CONEY SAUCE for HOT DOGS, by vivianlea60

Side Dishes
Cheesy Potato Stacks, by Ed
Easy Mexican Rice, by wjc
Corn Casserole, by janie
Sweet Potato Souffle, by cupycakey

Pepperoni Pizza Spread , by shubie74
Kettle Corn, by RealityCheck
Pumpkin Muffins, by JuniorBaker
Healthy Superfood Flapjacks, by louise186

Chicken Avocado Soup, by atcx5
Gazpacho , by Elethia
Cheeseburger Soup, by erynn1010
Lasagna Soup, by zookiechubbers

Cachorro Quente com Chili, by vinirsouza
Healthy Black Bean Burrito , by Debra
Vegan Summer Rolls, by sridgway
No Time To Defrost Turkey Burgers with Mushrooms, by thecatspajamas